Alcides Escobar's Lackluster Hitting Hurting Kansas City Royals

By John Raffel
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Royals had to be pleased when Alcides Escobar delivered a two-run base hit Saturday against the Cleveland Indians. They needed a few more two-run base hits, considering they lost to the Indians 5-3.

Escobar is a key contributor for the Royals and obviously his team needs to see his bat get much hotter. He is surrounded by plenty of teammates who need to be swinging a steadier bat. The shortstop scored six runs and collected five hits in his last 10 games. Those numbers obviously need to be much better in his next 10 games if the Royals are going to be able to put some runs together and improve on their record of 43-38.

Alex Gordon made a spectacular diving catch during the game for the Royals and sometimes, it’s enough to spark the rest of the team. That wasn’t the case as the Royals couldn’t come up with the key hit. Until they do, they will continue to struggle in a major way.

Escobar has to worry about taking command of his game. At the plate, his career mark is .262. Right now, he’s at .246 for this season. No team has taken command of the AL Central. The Detroit Tigers are still frontrunners in the division, but Escobar and his teammates could have something to say about that.

The Royals can be a title contender this season, but Escobar needs to crank up his game a few notches to give his team a chance.

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