Los Angeles Angels Getting Pitching Clinic by Seattle Mariners

By David Miller
Los Angeles Angels
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Whether or not the Los Angeles area schools are in classes all year around, the Los Angeles Angels pitchers should pay attention to the starting pitching clinic they are seeing against the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners have pitched great for the entire series that ends the first half of the MLB season for the Angels. That is exactly what the Angels need to pay attention to and do much better. Their hitting has been the butt of many articles and jokes this year but their pitching staff is the problem.

No matter how many runs a team scores, it is never a winning strategy to have to go out and out-slug another team. That doesn’t work because periodically you run into great starting staffs that are not having an off day. That is what has happened over the weekend series between the Angels and the Mariners. The Angels are seeing a first class lesson in what their team needs to be successful by the Mariners and they really should pay attention.

If they can learn a few tips about anything at all, they should really focus on how to stay healthy. Not that they were flawless before they were injured but getting Tommy Hanson and Jason Vargas back will be a huge lift to the team’s starting depth. Much like the situation with the Baltimore Orioles, the starting staff of the Angels doesn’t need to shut the other team out to win. Most of the time all that is needed is to keep the opposing team below four runs. If the Angels staff could consistently do that they would have an outside chance to make some type of run at the post-season.

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