Pittsburgh Pirates Should Look To Acquire Michael Young

By Zach Morrison
Michael Young
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies are hovering around .500 at the moment, and they seem uncommitted to either buying or selling. However, it seems almost like Michael Young could be moved regardless of if they buy or sell. If Young really is on the trading block, and it sure sounds like he is, the Pittsburgh Pirates better make some calls to Ruben Amaro Jr. and the Phillies.

The Pirates currently have a versatile veteran infielder on the bench, but his name is Brandon Inge and he is terrible. If the Pirates trade for Young, they could just designate Inge for assignment and use Young like they used Inge, just with a lot more playing time and starting over half the time.

Young is able to play first base, second base and third base defensively. He has a 2013 slash line of .292/.348/.419 in 359 plate appearances with the Phillies. If the Pirates were to make a trade for Young, I could see him playing all over the infield. Some of the promising core players of the Pirates haven’t played well this season like  Neil Walker and Garrett Jones, and adding Young to the mix would take a bunch of at-bats away from them.

Young is a guy that just knows how to play baseball and he is the all-time hits leader for the Texas Rangers. The Rangers have had some pretty good baseball players, by the way.

Pirates general manager Neal Huntington has a habit of bringing in veterans that aren’t good at baseball anymore (ie. Inge, Lyle Overbay, Erik Bedard, Matt Diaz etc.); so why not bring in a veteran that is actually still a good player?

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