2013 MLB All Star Game: Detroit Tigers Pitcher Max Scherzer Earns Well Deserved Start

By Dan Parzych
Max Scherzer
(David Richard/USA Today Sports)

There’s been plenty of great pitchers to take away from the 2013 MLB season, but one of the biggest surprises has involved Max Scherzer. The Detroit Tigers star has been one of the most dominant pitchers in the first half of the season as he just recently suffered his first loss of the season and has a 13-1 record.

Now, Scherzer will be rewarded for all of his success after he was named the starting pitcher for the American League in the 2013 MLB All Star game.

With the way he’s pitched so far this season, this move shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise considering the importance of winning the All Star game these days and how it plays a factor in home field for the World Series. Not only is Scherzer 13-1 on the season, but he’s already managed to record 152 strikeouts as well–which is impressive for any pitcher in the league.

If Scherzer can continue his dominant play during the second half of the season, there’s no reason why Detroit shouldn’t be able to finish on top of the AL Central standings once again. For a team that was known for having one of the best rotations behind Justin Verlander, it’s funny how that is arguably no longer the case with the way Scherzer has been playing.

Either way, the Tigers should just consider themselves lucky for having two of the most dominant pitchers in the league and it will be interesting to see if they can continue this success in the second half of the season.

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