2013 MLB Home Run Derby: Yoenis Cespedes Becomes Instant Star

By Connor Muldowney

For the sixth time in the past seven years, the winner of the MLB Home Run Derby had less than 20 home runs on the season by the All-Star break. It’s quite a feat in winning the derby, seeing as you see dozens of pitches and swing the bat dozens of times in a short time span.

The winner of the 2013 Home Run Derby might just surprise you. Yoenis Cespedes has been having a rough season so far for the Oakland Athletics. Hitting just .226 with 15 homers and 43 yards one year after a stellar rookie season.

Just how well did the 27-year-old perform in this year’s derby? Well, his 32 total home runs ties him for the most homers in any competition since 2008 when Josh Hamilton hit 35 — and lost. How did he lose? Well, he was out-homered in the final round of that derby 5-3 by Justin Morneau who hit just 22 total — doesn’t really seem fair.

That debate can be saved for another time, let’s talk about the possibility of Cespedes breaking out in the second half.

Sure, he hasn’t done so hot thus far in 2013, but he showed in his rookie season that he has all the talent and potential to be a superstar in this league. He’s got the speed, power, contact-hitting potential and defensive ability that rivals any outfielder in the MLB.

Nobody gave Cespedes a chance to win the derby as Baltimore Orioles‘ star Chris Davis was everyone’s favorite to take the crown. Looks like there is a new king in town and he goes by the name Yoenis.

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