Home Run Derby 2013: Time, Roster, Rules and Everything Else You Need to Know

By Paul Seaver
Scott Rovak-USA Today Sports

On Monday night, the 2013 Home Run Derby will kick off the All-Star break as major league baseball fans across the country get to tune in and see some of the top sluggers step up to the plate.

With tons of fun and charitable donations on the line, eight of major league baseball’s top sluggers will look to outhit their competition in a multi-round format that most fans already know all about. In three rounds, the eight competitors will be dwindled down to one winner with ten outs in between. From eight to four to two, the three rounds will separate the top hitter from the rest of the field as the night goes on.


Time: 8:00pm (EST)

TV Network: ESPN

Announcers: Chris Berman, Nomar Garciaparra, John Kruk

AL Participants: Prince Fielder (Tigers), Chris Davis (Orioles), Yoenis Cespedes (Athletics), Robinson Cano (Yankees)

NL Participants: Bryce Harper (Nationals), Michael Cuddyer (Rockies), Pedro Alvarez (Pirates), David Wright (Mets)

***Carlos Gonzalez (Colorado) pulled out of home run derby***


Okay, now that we have all the details out of the way, let’s talk predictions. Well, to no real surprise, it appears that Chris Davis has emerged as the early frontrunner and favorite to win the Derby on Monday night, but as MLB fans have become accustomed to over the years, this certainly isn’t any guarantee.

Oh well, let’s go with Davis anyway — I mean, he’s got 37 home runs already this season and this is just the halfway point. Prince Fielder is another juicy pick, as is Robinson Cano. Then of course you have the big dogs from the National League in both Bryce Harper and David Wright.

It should be a good night for baseball.


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