How Pending Suspensions Will Impact MLB Trade Deadline

By Lee White

Major League Baseball fans around the world are waiting to hear which players are suspended, and how long. For a few contenders, this poses a problem with the upcoming trade deadline approaching.

According to Bud Selig, Major League Baseball’s commissioner, MLB will suspend Alex RodriguezRyan Braun and up to 20 more players will be suspended. A-Rod is in the middle of rehabbing and making a comeback for the New York Yankees. The Yankees have been suspecting Rodriguez to come back sometime after the All Star break since the season started, but with this suspension looming over the veteran third baseman’s head, they may have to wait much longer. Ryan Braun, who is also on the DL, isn’t as much of an issue as Rodriguez. Braun is on the Milwaukee Brewers who aren’t even close to contending, while the Yankees are in fourth place, but only six games back in the juggernaut that is the AL East.

According to a list that came out at the beginning of the year, Nelson Cruz of the Texas RangersBartolo Colon of the Oakland Athletics, and Melky Cabrera of the Toronto Blue Jays better be on the lookout. Cabrera and Colon were suspended last season, so they may miss out on suspension this time because there may have to be proof that those two took banned substances after, or during, their suspensions. For Cruz, however, this would be his first time being suspended and that could cause many problems for the Rangers.

Jhonny Peralta of the Detroit Tigers is also on the list of players who had ties with Biogenesis, as well as Francisco Cervelli of the Yankees. Quite a few players on this list who are facing possible suspension are on teams who are contending for a playoff spot. Because of that, these pending suspensions will impact this season’s trade deadline.

If the reports are true, and these players are in danger of facing 50, or even 100 games in some cases, game suspensions, these teams will replace these guys either by trading for a replacement player at the deadline, or by calling one up. In the Rangers’ case, they have the farm system available to make a blockbuster trade, and nab Giancarlo Stanton away from the rebuilding Miami Marlins. The Rangers are in go for it mode for the fourth straight season, and if Cruz is going to be taken down by MLB, the Rangers will need someone to replace him, and Manny Ramirez wont cut it.

For the Athletics, they’re already in first place, and they may not even lose Colon, but if they do, they have the farm system to replace from within or even trade for another starting pitcher. They will need it if Colon does get suspended, but I’m not so sure he does unless MLB does a double jeopardy situation and suspends him just because his name was on the list. If they do trade for a pitcher, they could look at trading for Bud Norris of the Houston Astros because he is a cheap and can be retained, something the Athletics like.

For the Yankees, they have been without A-Rod all season long, and may have to wait even longer before they get the old third baseman back. Whether or not the Yankees trade for a third baseman is beyond me, but they’ll certainly be in the market looking for one.

These pending suspensions will pose some problems for these teams that are affected. Many of these teams can afford to trade prospects and get replacement players through trades, which many will do. Others will have to rebuild from within. There is no doubt that these pending suspensions will have an impact on Major League Baseball. I just can’t wait to see if a possible blockbuster happens because of this entire mess.


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