MLB All Star Game 2013: Time, Lineups, Impact and Everything Else You Need to Know

By Paul Seaver
The Star Ledger-USA Today Sports

On Tuesday night, the All Star participants that are representing both the American League and the National League here in 2013, will take the field with plenty on the line.

Wait, an all star game with a level of importance? Well, love it or hate it, the winning league on Tuesday night will get home field advantage in the World Series, that’s just the way it works these days. So, as major league baseball fans tune in for the 2013 MLB All Star Game, let’s take a look at some of the most important information that you will need to know:


Date/Time: Tuesday, July 16, 8:00pm (EST)

Location: Citi Field, Flushing, New York (home of the New York Mets)

TV Network: Fox


American League Lineup:

1. LF Mike Trout (Angels)

2. 2B Robinson Cano (Yankees)

3. 3B Miguel Cabrera (Tigers)

4. 1B Chris Davis (Orioles)

5 RF Jose Bautista (Blue Jays)

6. DH David Ortiz (Red Sox)

7. CF Adam Jones (Orioles)

8. C Joe Mauer (Twins)

9. SS J.J. Hardy (Orioles)


National League Lineup:

1.2B Brandon Phillips (Reds)

2. RF Carlos Beltran (Cardinals)

3. 1B Joey Votto (Reds)

4. 3B David Wright (Mets)

5. LF Carlos Gonzalez (Rockies)

6. C Yadier Molina (Cardinals)

7. SS Troy Tulowitzki (Rockies)

8. DH Michael Cuddyer (Rockies)

9. CF Bryce Harper (Nationals)


American League Starting Pitcher:

Max Scherzer (Tigers)

National League Starting Pitcher:

Matt Harvey (Mets)


American League Manager:

Jim Leyland (Tigers)

National League Manager:

Bruce Bochy (Giants)


Okay, so now that you have all the information and details ironed out, how about some predictions? Major league baseball fans are all about the excitement when it comes to the All Star Game, but once again, we know of the impact that this game has on the World Series these days.

Well, Scherzer has been virtually untouchable this season, registering a record of 13-1 and although it remains to be seen just how long he will pitch on Tuesday night, let’s roll with the American League here. Harvey has home field advantage, but that American League lineup is absolutely loaded on the offensive end.


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