San Diego Padres Need Louder Bat From Will Venable

By John Raffel
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Will Venable has never been known as a highly productive hitter in his MLB career, but the San Diego Padres would like to see their veteran outfielder pick up his hitting in the post-All Star break portion of the season.

Venable and his team have had a poor hitting season so far and fell victim to a no-hitter on Saturday night from Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants. Then on Sunday, they exploded for a 10-1 victory to celebrate a win prior to the All-Star break. The Padres had four home runs, including one by Venable, his 11th of the season. He now has 32 RBIs.

The Padres had been struggling in recent weeks, and any win from here until the end of the season is a huge one for the San Diego team. Playoff contention can still be possible with a strong second-half push, but they have to play like they did on Sunday more often.

Venable, who also had an RBI grounder on Sunday, is batting .224. He entered Sunday’s game hitting .219. This is from a major league player with a career average of .249. Like many of his teammates, he’s fallen into one of those slumps where no one knows how you got into it and no one knows how to get you back out of it. He has to snap out of it himself.

The Padres hope that Venable is on his way to a more productive season. They need his bat and the rest of his teammates’ to produce a lot of runs in upcoming games.

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