The Boston Red Sox Need To Cut Ties With Alfredo Aceves

By Shaun P Kernahan
Alfredo Aceves
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox out-righted pitcher Alfredo Aceves to AAA Pawtucket Sunday, but the time has come for the Red Sox to simply cut him.

When he was designated for assignment, he went through the waiver process, and a grand total of zero teams were interested in taking him on. He has had times as a valuable asset for the Red Sox, but more often than not, he was a poor pitcher with an even poorer attitude.

The most recent example of the pitcher and the team not seeing eye-to-eye came last Tuesday. In the high-scoring game against the Seattle Mariners, the Red Sox turned to Aceves to eat some innings for the club. He proceeded to face three batters and told reporters after the game he was hurt. The Red Sox have said that “by all accounts (the Red Sox) have, he is not injured.” Aceves has a self-diagnosed strained oblique muscle and has stated he doesn’t expect to be able to pitch again this season.

How a player can have an injury that would keep him out the final two and a half months of the season, but not have any diagnoses from team doctors seems hard to believe. Then again, with Aceves, Sox fans have come to expect the unexpected.

Aceves had several run-ins with Bobby Valentine last season, was called out by new manager John Farrell this spring, and was in the middle of team Mexico’s brawl in the World Baseball Classic where he clearly didn’t understand the rules of the tournament. In addition to his attitude problems, he has been incredibly unreliable on the hill the past two seasons with ERAs of 5.36 and 4.86, and has proved his mind is not all in the games at times, being called for a balk twice in a single game back in April.

Having Aceves in the organization, regardless of what level, is a negative on the organization. It is time for the Red Sox to cut ties and move onto a post-Aceves era.

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