2013 MLB All-Star Game: Matt Harvey Hits Robinson Cano in Otherwise Impressive Start

By Phil Naegely

In front of his own fans, New York Mets SP Matt Harvey got the starting nod for the National League. Harvey pitched two scoreless innings, but caused some chatter when he drilled Robinson Cano in the knee. His two-inning 2013 MLB All-Star Game debut in front of his own fans was impressive for the most part.

According to Jayson Stark, Harvey was the fifth pitcher to start an All-Star Game less than a year after his big-league debut. Harvey showed he belonged and pitched nothing like a rookie. He allowed only one hit on a first inning leadoff double to Mike Trout. Other than that, Harvey got out of a first-inning jam and struck out three over two innings.

In the first inning, New York Yankees fans held their collective breath when Harvey’s fastball drilled Cano in the right knee. Luckily, Cano’s x-rays have come back negative and the injury is nothing more than a right quad contusion. The last thing the Yankees needed was Cano getting seriously injured at the All-Star Game.

After his two-inning performance, Harvey spoke about the incident to ESPN Radio, “I obviously feel terrible about hitting him. That’s the last thing you want to do in a game like this.”

This surely will not be Harvey’s last All-Star Game performance, but he started it off well. Hopefully next time though, Harvey does not hit any one and cause Twitter to go into a tweeting frenzy. Harvey faced some tough opponents Wednesday and tonight’s performance showed he can battle among the best in baseball.



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