2013 MLB All-Star Game Will Be Best Ever

By Brent Smith
Brad Penner- USA TODAY Sports

You have youths who have taken over the game (Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Manny Machado), and you have illustrious veterans competing in likely their last All-Star Game (Mariano Rivera, Torii Hunter, David Ortiz) mixed with some of the best talent that has been offered in an All-Star Game ever. It has been a league of stars this year in baseball, and that has resulted is an All-Star Game balanced top to bottom with even benches that would on a normal year be starters. No longer does one side have a clear decided advantage like in the past; either of these teams can win and either of these teams expect to win. Mix it with how huge home field has been in the World Series, and the stakes could not be any higher heading into the 2013 MLB All-Star Game.

The reasons this will be the best All-Star Game are simple. You will have a game that is almost promised to come down to one or two runs, you have the best closer in the history of the game who may have the opportunity to close the game, and if that happens it will be one of the biggest and most memorable moments in All-Star history. You have Matt Harvey and Max Scherzer, two guys who no one had written down as starting this year’s game, going at it. How will Harvey handle the hometown pressure? How will Max handle the pressure of his first All-Star Game? Will Jim Leyland smoke in the dugout?

This game truly has it all as a fan. Yes, Yasiel Puig is not in the game, but to have used him as the centerpiece of this event would have been atrocious and ignoring the wonderful game this year promises to hold. Watching Mariano Rivera pitch his final All-Star Game in New York is enough on its own for any fan of sports to enjoy this game. And if it comes down to a one-run game in the ninth like I think it could, it will be one of the most gripping, compelling sports moments that any All-Star event could ever offer.

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