Alex Rodriguez is Close to Return, But Do New York Yankees Want Him Back?

By Adam Fischer

Last night, Alex Rodriguez hit his first home run since last September in his first rehab game for the New York Yankees‘ Double-A affiliate, the Trenton Thunder. Rodriguez ended up going two-for-four with two RBI and one strikeout. This was his first game for the Thunder, and he is in the lineup again tonight, playing third base and batting second. He is expected to play seven or eight innings for the Double-A team.

A-Rod seems to be on the fast track back to the big leagues, but there is still a dark cloud looming over his head with the Biogenesis investigation, which is well under way. He is one of the main targets of MLB with a possible 100 game suspension in the near future.

The Yankees could obviously use Rodriguez’s bat in their weak hitting lineup, with third base being one of their poorest hitting positions so far this year. Luis Cruz is around fourth in the depth chart for the Yankees at third, who is batting a mere .150.

Without production from third base, it still seems like the Yankees organization wants nothing to do with A-Rod given all the drama he brings, not to mention his mammoth contract that they would have to pay if he does see the field. Rodriguez will bring the wrong kind of media attention to the ball club, performance-enhancing drug and suspension questions always being prevalent; it might just be easier if A-Rod gets suspended for the rest of the year so his name will be out of the minds and mouths of people around the Yanks.

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