Matt Harvey Was Only Choice to Start 2013 MLB All-Star Game for NL

By Andrew Fisher
Matt Harvey
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All-Star games are all about the fans. This year’s game emanates from Citi Field in New York City, which made Bruce Bochy‘s choice for the National League starter, a very easy one. Matt Harvey was really the only pitcher for the job. A member of the hometown New York Mets and one of the brightest young stars in the game, Bochy’s decision was clear.

First and foremost, starting Harvey is the right thing to do because of the home crowd and the fans. The buzz around game time will only be increased by having the young hometown hurler on the mound. Mets’ fans are going to be clamoring to see their guy out there representing the franchise. So just because of the hometown affiliation alone, Harvey made sense as the starter.

But in the ASG, young guys have to earn their spots, especially when it come to the starter pitchers. Harvey has that covered too, as he’s near the top of MLB in several major statistical categories. He has the third best ERA in all of baseball (2.35) and also the third most strikeouts (147).

So while the city of New York and the hometown fans benefit from this move, the game of baseball will benefit even more. This is what baseball needs – young stars on display. With popularity dipping league-wide, it’s time MLB finds its next crop of stars. Bryce Harper is one definitely one of those guys, and baseball benefited greatly from having him perform well in the Home Run Derby last night. The same will happen if Harvey comes out and mows em’ down in his two innings of work on Tuesday night.

The buzz is out there for this installment of the ASG, and Matt Harvey is a big reason why. He’s already trending worldwide 10 hours before the game even begins. A lot of this is due to his start in tonight’s game, but also because of this hilarious video he made with the help of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. At this point, though, MLB should take any publicity it can get.


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