MLB All-Star Game Shouldn't Determine World Series Home-Field Advantage

By David Fouty

MLB hopes that by putting home-field advantage on the line in the All-Star Game, it will have more value than the other major sports’ showcase events.

However, teams shouldn’t be punished based on the outcome of an arbitrary game.

The biggest issue I have with the game is that each team is given at least one representative. This means that even teams at the bottom of the league get to have their guys in the game even if they aren’t as deserving as some of the people left off the squads.

If the game is going to give an advantage to a team in the World Series, there is no reason the managers of the squad or an independent committee shouldn’t choose the teams themselves. If they want to keep it the way it is and have representatives from each team, they should do away with the fact it decides home-field advantage.

Simply put, MLB can’t have it both ways.

There are bound to be people who are less deserving on the squad when every team is given a representative. When the Houston Astros started the season, they had little to no marquee talent. They will send Jason Castro to the game despite the fact that Cleveland Indians catcher Carlos Santana is more deserving. Santana has more hits, more RBIs and has committed fewer errors.

I personally like that the game decides home-field advantage, but not when each team is given a representative. The folks at MLB need to make up their mind and go one way or the other.

If that means some of the people in the Astros’ market don’t tune in, then so be it.

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