New York Yankees: Can They Do It Without Robinson Cano?

By Adam Fischer
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees second baseman, Robinson Cano, was hit on the right knee on the second pitch of the second at-bat of the All-Star Game by New York Mets flame-thrower Matt Harvey. Cano did go to first base to run, but was taken out of the game after Harvey struck out the Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera, the following at bat.

This would happen to the Yankees this season; they have been plagued by random injuries that don’t occur in normal seasons. Basically, this has been a cursed season for the Bronx Bombers. If Cano is out for any period of time when the second half of the season starts on Friday, the Yanks would not have one projected starter from the beginning of the season in their infield.

If Cano is out for an extended period of time, the season could be over for the Yanks. Cano has been a staple in the Yankees lineup the entire season, playing in all of their 95 games in the first half. He has been their best player for a couple of years now and by far this season, with all the injuries to other multi-time all-stars.

This year, Cano has had no protection in the lineup, being the only feared hitter in the Yankees mangled lineup. He has been intentionally walked 14 times this season already, which is his career high in intentional walks. With him out of the lineup, the Yankees don’t have a real run-producer left and are currently the third worst team in the American League in driving in runs.


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