There is Nothing Wrong with Pedro Alvarez’s Home Run Derby Debut

By David Miller

Of the myriad of good things going on for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2013 Major League Baseball season, Pedro Alvarez has been great. His election to the Home Run Derby squad was a nice piece of recognition for the work he has put in for the Pirates and the National League. He didn’t win of course but considering the sheer number of swings the derby participants can take and the fact that he was a derby rookie, Alvarez did perfectly.

If I am the Pirates number one fan, I am very pleased with what I saw in Alvarez. He started slow but wound up with six homers, some of which were bombs. He didn’t make it to the second round so he got to sit down, rest and enjoy the show. Alvarez’s name is out there and he received the recognition he deserved without swinging the bat a billion times. If I were the Pirates manager, I would be smiling ear to ear.

It is possible that some might be disappointed with that showing those same people won’t be if he continues to improve and leads the Pirates towards a division title with that swing. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the Home Run Derby. I just also happen to think that the winners wind up swinging the bat a ton too much for an exhibition show that actually still means nothing. Alvarez did fine and he is still healthy to brag about his long homers in the derby. It’s a job well done.

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