2013 MLB All-Star Game Likely Didn't Attract Baseball Any New Fans

By Andrew Fisher

The 2013 MLB All-Star Game certainly wasn’t a classic. On the other hand, it wasn’t a bad game, either. But when one team fails to score a run on three hits, it’s just not good for business.

The mid-summer classic is all about the fans. It’s about putting on a show for those in the stadium and everybody watching at home. The 2013 installment of the game simply failed to do that. For hardcore baseball fans, the game was probably fine. There was a small amount of offense and a ton of great pitching, which is enough for most baseball junkies. But for the casual fan, Tuesday night’s game was probably boring.

Besides Prince Fielder‘s triple and Mariano Rivera‘s final tip of the cap, there weren’t many ASG moments. Sure, there were some really good plays made and pitches thrown, but nothing that’s going to go down in history.

The biggest disappointment for MLB, though, had to be the lack of young stars shining in the national spotlight. Mike Trout, Chris Davis and Paul Goldschmidt all manged hits, but none of them amounted to anything. Meanwhile, Bryce Harper did absolutely nothing in his two at bats. However, Matt Harvey looked very good in his two innings of work after a shaky start, as he shined the brightest of all the game’s young guns.

All in all, no one really emerged from this game a bigger star than before. Everybody is going to remember the legendary pitcher playing in his last ASG, which ultimately was going to steal the show, but I had hoped someone else was going to step up and take part of that spotlight. The 2013 ASG was more about the old than the new, which is not what baseball needs.


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