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5 Biggest Disappointments In 2013 MLB Home Run Derby

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The Five Biggest Disappointments In This Years' Home Run Derby

The Five Biggest Disappointments In This Years' Home Run Derby
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Yoenis Cespedes stole the show by beating Bryce Harper and winning this years' Home Run Derby without being the favorite.

There were many others who were expected to win the derby or at least perform better than they did. Out of all those names that were supposed to win the derby, who was the most disappointing? We'll go through them in this slideshow.

Chris Davis is the league leader in home runs at the All-Star break with 37. Is he the most disappointing? How about David Wright, who was the hometown favorite since the contest was held at Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets? What about Pedro Alvarez, the man who Pittsburgh Pirates fans, and even their announcers, complained about because Wright did not originally select him to be in the derby? He wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for Carlos Gonzalez dropping out due to injury.

Or you can say Robinson Cano or Prince Fielder, since both of them have won the contest in the past. Fielder has even won it twice, doing so last year and back in 2009. Were either of them the biggest disappointment in this years’ Home Run Derby?

So without any further, I present to you the five biggest disappointments the 2013 MLB Home Run Derby. Find out if you guessed who no. 1 is on this list. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment if you agree or disagree with this slideshow.

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5. David Wright

David Wright
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David Wright starts off this list at no. 5. Some people would probably say he should be higher on this list because the Home Run Derby this year was in Citi Field, but I believe Wright should not be criticized for his first-round exit with five home runs because Wright is just not a home run hitter.

Yes, this is his second time in the Home Run Derby, but Wright is more of a line drive gap hitter. I mean, he only hit 13 home runs before the All-Star break. The only reason why he was in this years’ Home Run Derby is because he was named captain of the National League, and that was only because the derby and All-Star Game were played in the Mets’ home. Wright should not be anywhere else but here on this list.

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4. Robinson Cano

Robinson Cano
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Robinson Cano, like Wright, is not really a true home run hitter. But since Cano does have more power than Wright and has won a Home Run Derby in the past, he deserves to be a spot ahead of Wright.

Cano has 21 home runs this year, but most of that is due to the short right field porch in Yankee Stadium, which can turn any left-handed hitter into a 30-home run slugger. Cano is still very strong and has a lot of power but if he were in another ball park, I think his home run numbers would be a little closer to what Wright has this season. Cano is fine at no. 4, especially since he only hit four home runs and was eliminated in round one.

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3. Pedro Alvarez

Pedro Alvarez
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Ah yes, Pedro Alvarez -- the man who sparked so much controversy all because he was not originally picked to be in this years’ Home Run Derby.

As a Mets fan myself, it did provide me with great joy that Alvarez failed and was eliminated in the first round after hitting six home runs, proving that Wright was indeed right.

However, Alvarez does not deserve to be higher than no. 3 on this list for a few reasons. Click next to find out why.

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2. Chris Davis

Chris Davis
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Chris Davis, the league leader in home runs at 37, was eliminated in the second round of the Home Run Derby on Monday, and that makes him no. 2 on this list.

Many believed Davis would win it all because of the tremendous year he is having so far. With eight home runs in round one, Davis was able to advance to round two but was eliminated as he only hit four home runs. His ability to not even make it to the finals of a home run skills competition while leading the league in home runs is what makes Davis well deserving of this spot.

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1. Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder
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Prince Fielder was the biggest disappointment in this years’ Home Run Derby in my opinion. Fielder is a two-time Home Run Derby champion and was eliminated in round one.

Many were expecting both Davis and Fielder to go very far and both were eliminated rather quickly, especially Fielder. He is the only the second player in MLB history to win multiple titles at the Derby, the other being Ken Griffey Jr., with 3. A lot of fans were hoping and expecting Fielder to tie Griffey, but instead he did not even come close. This is why Prince Fielder was the biggest disappointment in this years’ Home Run Derby.