Atlanta Braves Rumors: Braves Should Complete a Trade for Bullpen Help

By David Miller
Frank Wren
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Some fans of the Atlanta Braves want all manner of things done to the team in spite of the fact that they are way out in first place. While the front office might not be willing to do what all of the fans say, they do seem willing to shake things up a bit for bullpen help before the trade deadline. The question is not if they are interested in trading for bullpen assistance but who they will focus on and who will be pitching for the Braves before the end of July.

The list includes fairly well recognizable names like Joba Chamberlain, Jesse Crain, Oliver Perez and Glen Perkins. They are also trying to throw their hat in the ring with the several teams trying to sign Cuban pitcher Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez. What is the likelihood of these guys playing in Atlanta? Let’s look at them.

The New York Yankees seem interested in bundling Chamberlain with starter Phil Hughes which might throw a wrench into things because the Braves don’t need another starter. They actually are about to have too many in fact when Brandon Beachey returns. Crain is on the disabled list but the eyes of several teams’ scouts are on his return to the Chicago White Sox in several days to make sure he returns healthy. If he does he could be a good addition for the Braves, depending on what the Sox ask for.

The Minnesota Twins don’t want anything to do with a trade of Perkins and who can blame them while the Seattle Mariners might be willing to talk over Perez. Overall the question might not be who among these pitchers will pitch in Atlanta but rather who among the Braves starters will not.  It is possible the Braves could try to bundle Paul Maholm in a deal to get relief help and clear a spot for Beachey in the process. Of course it is sort of possible for Maholm to go to the bullpen himself but I don’t see that happening. Whatever turns out happening, you can bet some new arms will show up in the Braves locker room before the start of August.

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