Bad News For New York Yankees With Alex Rodriguez On Target to Return Soon

By Andrew Fisher
Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The long, not so much anticipated return of Alex Rodriguez might finally be here. New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman had this to say on Wednesday:

“That’s the hope. We’ll see through the weekend. We started the 20-day rehab and once we felt he could complete the 20 days and be available to us in Texas. So let’s get through the weekend and see where he is at and see if he is major league able.”

Rodriguez has also confirmed that he’s, “on schedule,” so it looks like his return is a GO for next Monday, at this point. Of course you have the looming PED investigation by MLB with A-Rod at the center of their focus, but other than that, everything is normal.

This is bad news for the Yankees, as it would have been nice for them to have distanced themselves from this guy forever. It’s only a matter of time before he’s suspended for a lengthy amount of time or he gets hurt again. A-Rod is an old cheater at this point, that’s way overpaid.

But if you’re a Yankees’ fan trying to be positive about the whole situation, he is a bat the lineup could use. The Yanks are currently six games back in the highly competitive AL East, and you never know if A-Rod might find his old swing. I highly doubt he will, but at this point, the Yankees have nothing to lose.

Now we’ll all just sit and wait for the next bit of breaking news telling us that Rodriguez is suspended.


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