Baltimore Orioles Should Think Twice Before Locking up Chris Davis

By David Miller
Chris Davis
(Rick Osentoski/USA Today Sports)

It’s usually pretty fun to see a Major League Baseball player on top of his game. That is the case this year with Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chris Davis and I’m sure there is really no one that would argue with that. For a team in the position the Orioles are in it might be tempting to try and lock up Davis long-term during this coming off-season. I think they should wait and think twice before doing that however.

One reason they should look and think twice is that Davis is represented by baseball’s worst agent, Scott Boras. Boras is nearing the stage of being a cancer to the sport of baseball as even long time clients have left him to go with other agents. Boras is a strike against any player that uses him before any talks even begin. The other reason is that Davis has had more than a career year. He has more homers before the break than he has had in any one season of his MLB career.

There could be many reasons for such a drastic upturn in performance and whatever the reason behind it, I’m sure he will continue. There is no guarantee though. That is a problem. The good news for the Orioles is that Davis is still in his arbitration years and won’t be a free agent until 2016 at the earliest. Therefore they shouldn’t work through Boras to try and lock up Davis after this season.

After such an incredible first half and what surely will be a great season, there is no doubt that Boras would try to make Davis the highest paid power hitter in the entire game. The Orioles should maybe extend an offer that they are comfortable with and if Davis turns it down for arbitration, they still would be spending less money than going through Boras. That way if Davis has another monster year and it looks like a pattern, they can throw all kinds of money at him. But if this happens to turn out to be the best year of his career, which is very possible at this point even if he has a wonderful career from now on, they wouldn’t have to pay him for ten years for the season he had back in 2013.

I think the reasons to not give him a huge contract are far more than any reason to throw the bank at him after one awesome season. They should be patient and go through arbitration if they have to. It could save them countless millions if Davis doesn’t have another year like this. If he does then they still are the only team that he talks to. It is a no lose situation in that respect.

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