Chicago White Sox Hold all Cards in Alex Rios and Jesse Crain Trades

By David Miller
Jesse Crain
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The persistent rumors surrounding the supposed fire-sale of the Chicago White Sox at the MLB trade deadline is not getting quieter as we get closer. There are several players that other teams are interested in but two main players right now are Jesse Crain and Alex Rios. Though what the teams are willing to offer the White Sox in return for each of these hasn’t always been pleasing to the team, the Sox need to make sure they hold all the cards in any deals.

In each situation the Sox could keep the player if another team isn’t willing to offer a lot in return. With Rios the other teams want to offer less because of the slump he is in. The White Sox should be patient on that because chances are that Rios will pick it up again after the All-Star break. Even if he doesn’t, the price will go up as the deadline draws near. Whatever it is that the Sox want or need in return for Rios, they should make sure they get it or they should keep him and take their chances in the off-season.

Crain is a different story because he was put on the disabled list. The asking prices obviously stopped while he has been hurt but the overall interest has certainly not. No fewer than four teams are watching Crain to see if he is able to return as healthy and successful as he is expected to. If and when he does that then the Sox should be sitting pretty.

In both situations the Sox need to understand that they can get great players or at least potentially great players in return. They absolutely should not settle for less but rather be patient and wait for the right deal to come to them because chances are that it certainly will around the first of the final week of July.

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