Detroit Tigers' Prince Fielder Brings Excitement To Dull All-Star Game

By John Raffel

Detroit Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder brought life into a dull MLB All-Star game Tuesday night. It’s the least he could do.

Fielder hasn’t lived up to expectations in many respects this season. He’s at .267, which is almost 50 points less than he batted all of last season. His home runs and RBIs are up there, but Fielder doesn’t seem to have as much consistency at the plate than in his first season with Detroit.

Fielder’s ninth-inning triple brought a little bit of excitement to a 3-0 AL victory where the defense prevailed for the most part. He got enough of the pitch to give it a ride to the outfield, then got the lucky bounce to have it go all the way to the fence. That’s when all the excitement began for baseball fans.

Once Fielder saw the ball go the fence, he did a rare move by kicking it into high gear sliding head first into third. That happened with no outs, but the AL couldn’t drive him home. It was still one of the game’s top moments.

For someone with 10 career triples, it almost looked like he had been making plays like this for a long time.

Give him credit, too, for apparently having enough interest left in the game that he wouldn’t just stay at second base. It would have seemed natural for him to pull up at second and everybody would have understood. After all, he’s a feared hitter, but hardly a feared baserunner.

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