Detroit Tigers Rightfully Favored To Win World Series

By Brent Smith
Kirby Lee- USA TODAY Sports released its second half betting odds for MLB today and the odds point to a very, very special season ahead for Detroit Tigers fans. The Tigers are the favored team to win the World Series this year at 13-to-2 odds. Those odds beat out the next best teams with the St. Louis Cardinals at 7-to-1, the Atlanta Braves at 8-to-1 and the Boston Red Sox at 9-to-1. The odds are not too surprising when you think about the fact that the Tigers are the team most favored to win its division automatically moving them into the field of eight should they get there and have a starting rotation that is arguably the best in all of baseball.

A few other odds that Tigers fans would be interested to hear about include Miguel Cabrera being favored to win the AL MVP with odds set at 3-to-2 beating Chris Davis at 1-to-2 and Mike Trout at 1-to-6. Max Scherzer was the fourth and last player listed at 1-to-25. So while Max may be a longshot to win the AL MVP he is not a longshot to win the AL Cy Young as he is listed as the favorite to win the Cy Young at 2-to-3 odds beating out Clay Buchholz at 2-to-9, Felix Hernandez at 2-to-11 and Yu Darvish at 2-to-15.

So Las Vegas currently has the Tigers winning the World Series, winning the AL MVP and winning the AL Cy Young. It would be a team triple crown that would leave Detroit buzzing well into the new year. Unfortunately the odds don’t always hold up, as the Tigers found out in the 2006 and 2012 World Series.

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