Detroit Tigers: Top 5 Players To Go After At Trading Deadline

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Detroit Tigers Top 5 Players To Go After At Trading Deadline

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The Detroit Tigers may be in first place in the AL Central right now, but there are still some major holes that need to be filled if the Tigers want to make a repeat appearance in the World Series and actually win it this time. Obviously the first spot you think about is relief pitcher and that does make up a majority of this list, but the offense has struggled at points and with Jhonny Peralta's involvement in the new steroid scandal that could land him a suspension this year or next, it could be very critical for the Tigers to try and solidify the shortstop position long term. What better time to do that than right now?

This list is just a few of the names the Tigers will be inquiring about over the next two weeks, and you can be sure Dave Dombrowski will be having many sleepless nights on the phone trying to land whoever can fit in both budget wise and team wise. We know Mr. Illitch will be willing to do anything to win this World Series, and this team still feels like it is one or two players away from reaching what they want to be. With that in mind these are the top 5 players that the Tigers should be looking at acquiring before August rolls around. Take a look at the list and see if you agree. One thing is for sure: each player on this list can improve the Tigers without question.

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No. 5 Dee Gordon

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Dee Gordon is a flashy, young shortstop who would bring speed to a lineup that is slower than a tortoise. Jhonny was having such a great first half that this sounds crazy to go after a shortstop who will be expensive, but he has this last half at most with the Tigers before he is likely gone. If the suspension is this year then could be it between the two, so why not make a big splash and get someone who will complement the power of this lineup?

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No. 4 Javier Lopez

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The Tigers desperately need a lefty who can effectively manage the 6th and 7th innings. Drew Smyly is being used in the 8th so it has been up to Phil Coke to take care of lefties before it and he has failed miserably. Javier Lopez would be a major get to help the bullpen have that lefty/lefty matchup stabilized.

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No. 3 Kevin Gregg

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Kevin Gregg is an interesting target because we know the Chicago Cubs are willing to deal and we know that he has a history closing games, but the Tigers have several options they could go with at closer. Joaquin Benoit has done well, but I'm not sure either is comfortable leaving that situation the same for the rest of the season. Kevin Gregg could be the easiest closer target to acquire.

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No. 2 Jonathan Papelbon

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Jonathan Papelbon has struggled recently, but that doesn't change the fact that he would be the biggest closer the Tigers could acquire. Still, the price may be too steep, especially given his recent struggles, but if you really want to have the ultimate confidence in the 9th, Papelbon may be the best you could get currently.

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No. 1 Tim Lincecum

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This name surprised me when I first saw that the Tigers were interested, but the more I have thought about it, the more it has made absolute sense. The Tigers would not be using Tim Lincecum as a starter even though he just threw a no hitter, he would be used in his role from last year's playoffs where he was masterful in relief solidifying the middle innings for the San Francisco Giants. Having a long relief pitcher, especially at Lincecum's level, would fill a huge need that the Tigers have, and he would only be a rental making the price hit not too bad. Lincecum may be okay with doing it just for a half season before moving on, and this would be huge for the Tigers.

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