How Will Ron Roenicke Handle Biggest Challenge Since Becoming Milwaukee Brewers Skipper?

By Michael Terrill
How Will Ron Roenicke Handle Biggest Challenge Since Becoming Milwaukee Brewers Skipper
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The Milwaukee Brewers have the second worst record in the National League (38-56) and currently sit in last place in the NL Central division. There is no denying that the Brewers have hit rock bottom, a place the organization has not been in years. It will certainly be interesting to see how third-year manager Ron Roenicke handles his biggest challenge since becoming Milwaukee’s skipper.

“It hasn’t been as fun, and it hasn’t been as easy,” Roenicke told “It’s a lot more thought into it; it’s way more conversations. Way more challenges.”

Roenicke was hired into an amazing situation prior to the 2011 Major League Baseball season. He was given the pitching, the offense and two phenomenal sluggers who made up one of the deadliest duos in baseball that season. Not to mention, everyone seemed to up their game and have career years. All was well in Brew City. Unfortunately, the Brewers fell two games short of reaching the World Series. There is no question the 2011 team was built to win it all, but the cards simply did not fall Milwaukee’s way.

The fans were disappointed but not rattled. The Brewers had a solid foundation and a great manager to keep them competitive. However, free agency, injuries and Ryan Braun’s alleged doping took its toll on the team. Even a remarkable run in the last month of the season could not get Milwaukee into the playoffs for the second year in a row.

This season has been no different. Injuries and overall inconsistently has done more damage to the team than anyone could have imagined. The Brewers are an embarrassment. The fans are counting the days until the Green Bay Packers kickoff their season (52 days). All hope appears to be lost for Milwaukee in 2013.

“It’s been a hard half,” Roenicke said, according to “Nothing seems to go right. The injuries, and some guys performing great. Some guys have been really fun to watch. Other guys have just struggled.”

If the Brewers can stay healthy, they certainly have the fire power to make a charge in the second half of the season. However, Roenicke must stay on top of the team and make sure they are motivated. Fans cannot give up on the Brewers either. It certainly seems like a long shot but stranger things have happened in baseball.

Even if Milwaukee does not make a run at it, how Roenicke handles the next couple months of the season will determine how the players react to him next year.

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