Los Angeles Dodgers have to Cap Yasiel Puig Drama and Win Games

By David Miller
Hanley Ramirez
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

What a ride it has been for young Los Angeles Dodgers star Yasiel Puig. There in simple word is the only problem with Puig’s young career: star. He is more of a star than a baseball player right now. Whether it is a story about his interpreter looking for ladies for him or his shunning Major League Baseball legends like Luis Gonzalez, the drama needs to be stopped right now before it becomes a huge problem.

Puig has been great and I am happy for his quick success at the MLB level. Where he goes wrong is taking things too far with media and such. This isn’t 1920 and you cannot openly have someone search for women for you without becoming a rotten story in the newspaper the next day. Such things then go to the manager and you get to see Don Mattingly’s anger vein rise to attention. That mess belongs in a dirty paper somewhere and not in baseball.

There is plenty to be said for talent and Puig certainly has plenty of it. The pitchers and scouts that are working tirelessly to find the exploitable hole in his swing have talent too. His big test will come on the baseball diamond, not in the bedroom or somewhere else. If Puig wants to do the right thing for the Dodgers and his own career then he should speak to zero media for the rest of the season and focus instead on refusing to allow the greatest pitchers in the world to find his weak spot. Because they will find it and when they do it will be five minutes before every single pitcher in the major league knows where to pitch the superstar kid Puig. Meanwhile Hanley Ramirez will continue to calmly and respectfully carry this team on his back without an ounce of media buzz. Wow.

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