Top 5 Moments Of the 2013 MLB Home Run Derby

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Top 5 Moments of the 2013 Home Run Derby

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It might have something to do with Chris Berman’s calls or the bevy of All-Stars in awe on the sidelines, but something about the Home Run Derby always makes you feel like a kid again. Seeing the greatest home run hitters in the game duke it out for that silver trophy always makes you realize how powerful these freaks of nature really are.

The 2013 Home Run Derby was no different. It had excessive rounds of double-digit tallies and shots that nearly left the park that turned even Mike Trout and Justin Verlander into wide-eyed onlookers. It had up-and-coming stars and the old guard.

Berman and his famous “back-back-back-back-back — gone” calls never seems to get old. Despite all of the incredible performances he has witnessed, Berman always sounds like he’s in awe when the event rolls around, making it even easier to bring you back to the good old days.

The Home Run Derby always brings back memories of some of the greatest home run hitters of all-time. It reminds you of Ken Griffey Jr. and his backwards hat. It reminds you of Josh Hamilton being as into the zone as Tiger Woods was at the Masters in 2005. It stirs up thoughts of Bobby Abreu getting locked in and producing one of the greatest rounds of all-time.

More than anything, the derby reminds you these guys are doing things almost no one else can. It shows you the difference between the big leagues and the scrubs. It’s always memorable and has become a staple of the All-Star festivities. Here are the top five moments from this year's edition of the Home Run Derby.

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5. Harper's Hairdos

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It may not have anything to do with hitting home runs, but the Harper family will be remembered for their hairdos and interesting choices in the hair grooming. Bryce Harper's brother Bryan Harper chose to rock the curly mustache a la Rollie Fingers, while Bryce went with an interesting mohawk. Whatever gets you into the zone, I guess.

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4. Bryce Harper hits his groove

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It's easy to forget this kid is 20-years old. Bryce Harper and his dad formed a nice tandem, tallying 16 home runs through the first two rounds of the event, earning the young star a chance at the title and a finals berth.

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3. Yoenis Cespedes hits the clincher

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Yoenis Cespedes put himself in a great position to take the title by getting to hit second in the finals. He did not disappoint, capping off his Home Run Derby with a majestic blast followed by an epic bat-flip to seal the deal.

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2. Yoenis Cespedes' 17-homer first round

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Sometimes a hitter just gets locked in and it seems like nothing will slow them down. That was the case when Yoenis Cespedes stepped to the plate in the first round and racked up 17 home runs. He didn't even need to take a swing in the second round to advance to the finals, but gave the fans what they wanted anyway.

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1. Prince Fielder's 483-foot blast

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It's not like Citi Field is small, but Prince Fielder made it look pretty minuscule with his monstrous 483-foot blast which nearly left the park. Mike Trout and Justin Verlander's jaws dropped on the sidelines as they admired this enormous blast.

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