Brandon Barnes is Leaving Some Potential on Field for Houston Astros

By David Miller
Brandon Barnes
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Barnes has been a player to watch in the minor leagues for a while. His ability in the outfield is second to none and he has the potential to be a real difference maker at the plate. He has gotten the chance to play quite a bit this year for the Houston Astros and his defense has lived up to potential expectations. Offensively however he could do much better and I think he is going to have to if he wants to keep a steady starting job for this team.

The Astros don’t have time to mess around or at least they don’t seem to with the moves they make.  They moved a potentially great starting pitcher to the bullpen because of a few struggling starts. An outfielder was cut early on in the season because he wasn’t fitting the mold of the kind of outfielder the Astros want to play on an everyday basis. Barnes has been incredible in the field at times but his numbers at the plate need work.

I like the way this guy plays and I like a lot about his story as well. There is little doubt that he could hang around defensively with almost anyone but the Astros aren’t seemingly interested in someone to play only one side of the ball. Though Barnes’ numbers might not be zeroes or horrible by some measures, they aren’t good enough to carry a team in the outfield position for a long period of time. He could be that good but has a lot of work to do at the plate to pick his offensive side of the ball up to the level of his defensive skills.

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