Chicago Cubs and Matt Garza are Most Popular Combo in MLB Right Now

By David Miller
Matt Garza
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

It seems that the Texas Rangers are really interested in completing a trade for Matt Garza of the Chicago Cubs. The problem for the Rangers and the great thing for the Cubs is that everyone else is also. Well everyone isn’t actually interested but nearly every single contender in the game is. Rumors are just that but it seems that the Rangers might have emerged as the leading candidate for the game’s most sought after starting pitcher. The Cubs meanwhile should be happy just to listen to the myriad of offers that are flying at them from all directions.

Funny enough what a month of trade offers can do to a team but the Cubs have gone from a downtrodden team to one that is feeling about as good as any other team in the game right now. Why shouldn’t they feel good though actually? If they play their cards right they could get one of the better returns for a trade than a team has gotten in recent memory. It goes back to those simple laws of supply and demand that we all learned about once upon a time.

The Rangers might very well be the team that gets Garza but they will do so because they are the ones willing to give the most in return. It is a bidding war and the Cubs have their arms wide open awaiting the perfect answer. Some say that the Cubs have to be in no rush but I disagree. I think they should strike a deal while the iron is hot. The Rangers are willing to pay a ton for Garza in spite of a checkered past and I say by goodness, go for it and complete the deal already. It would be terrible to be that close to a great deal just to have him get injured or suddenly hit a slump again. Make the trade now.

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