Miami Marlins Should Treat Second Half of Season Like Entire Year

By David Miller
Giancarlo Stanton
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Rebuilding isn’t easy for anyone except for maybe the Houston Astros and the Miami Marlins. Both of the worst teams in Major League Baseball have seemingly made great strides in a short amount of time. To be fair the Marlins are not rebuilding on the same scale as the Astros so they should be a little ahead of the game. They already have star players in key positions on their roster including a few really good pitchers. Now they should try and take everyone else down a few notches in the second half of the MLB season.

They aren’t going to win the division and they aren’t going to win the Wild Card. The Marlins won’t come anywhere close to winning either one of these if the truth is known. They will have to go out and win games because they have pride in winning. Nothing else will be there for them as motivation. For all the teams that have more stars or better records, the Marlins should make it a point to go out and outplay them all.

That’s right, they should take the second half of the season and treat it like it were all of the season. They should try to win a fictional second half pennant just for themselves. I think as long as they hold on to most of their star players like Giancarlo Stanton, there should be little problem in achieving some success. Can they have a better record than any other National League team in the second half of the season? Maybe not but what a great goal to try and reach. The truth of the matter is they could possibly have one of the better records for the last half of the season, anyone could. Why shouldn’t they try and make sure it’s them?

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