Pittsburgh Pirates Should do What they Have to do to Win

By David Miller
Andrew McCutchen
Charles LeClaire-USA Today Sports

This is the time of year that should worry the Pittsburgh Pirates. I know they don’t worry right now and they probably shouldn’t according to most people but I would suggest they do. This is the exact time of year last season that things began to go south for the Pirates and they wound up taking a season that could have ended with them receiving trophies and throwing it away. They seem to be better this year. They seem to have the pieces they need to succeed. The St. Louis Cardinals do have all the pieces however. The Pirates should take the steps they need to take to be as certain in their completeness as the Cardinals are.

The Cardinals are not going away, as a matter of fact the best case scenario for the Pirates is that this will be a dogfight to the end of the season where one of the two will win and the other will get the wildcard. Other teams could catch both wildcard spots though as anything is possible in the final couple of months of the MLB season. The Pirates need the N.L. Central in their hands. There are some whispers that they need an outfielder. They should go get one if they do. If they need bullpen help, go get it.

For my tastes right now the Pirates could need tweaking in order to hang with the Cardinals for the rest of the season. I could be wrong about that however. It is possible that the team is as good as they will be right now and any additions or subtractions will only hurt team chemistry and therefore hurt the team. I think they need a little pitching and maybe an outfielder. They should do anything in their power to make a move happen because the Cardinals aren’t going to wait on them. Make it happen this year Pirates.

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