Detroit Tigers: More Questions Than Answers

By Brent Smith


Denny Medley- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers were shut out for the seventh time this season in 95 games. That is way too often for a lineup billed as one of the best in baseball and even more troubling is who they’re are coming from. Tipping your cap to a pitcher like Ervin Santana would be understandable if it wasn’t happening on a weekly basis and struggles would be acceptable if they didn’t seem to occur every few days.

This team is a riddle; everyone has an opinion as to what the problem is but no one quite has the full reason as for why a team like this should lose 1-0 to a struggling Kansas City Royals team. There are weaknesses in the lineup but not so many that the offense should have as much trouble as they are. It seems like many of the hitters drift into an unconscious zone where they are swinging and missing more than me at a bar on Friday night.

I wish there was a clear answer to some of the problems this offense and this team have had. We know the bullpen problems pretty well, the starters are fantastic so you know pretty much what you are getting from those areas but the offense is a whole different beast. Omar Infante coming back will obviously help but the problems run deeper. Sure, Alex Avila has been awful. But a bad-hitting catcher should be easy to work around for most teams. The front six hitters are all great both from a numbers and name standpoint; you aren’t going to change those spots right now so why are they not clicking? Why are they not getting on base consistently and driving in the runs we expect? I feel like that question is something everyone is trying to figure out. No one is going to panic though. Answer or no answer, Jim Leyland and company believes that it will work itself out. For our sake, I hope he is right.


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