Pittsburgh Pirates need to Make Alex Rios Trade Now

By David Miller
Alex Rios
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

If you read articles about the Pittsburgh Pirates on the official site and around the web, the official word you hear is always the same. We need someone; there could be interest in a player if the right deal were place. They will say that or they don’t discuss it with anyone in the media or something else. Enough already; trade to get Alex Rios from the Chicago White Sox now before the St. Louis Cardinals step further away in the standings.

I understand the game that teams need to play in order to keep news secret but everyone and their brother knows the Pirates are interested in an offensive player to supplement their run production. They need someone in right field because that has been the power vacuum of the outfield positions. Rios is the main and the best outfielder on the market. Just make the stinking deal already! Seriously, what are they waiting on?

While the cute little sayings continue, the Pirates have lost their first two second half games to the Cincinnati Reds. Think it’s hard to catch and stay ahead of the Cardinals? Just let those nasty Reds get back in the race and see how difficult it becomes. They are going to ask for a lot of return for Rios. The Pirates will try to give less because that is what everyone does when the trade subject has slumped. Look, he hit a grand slam on Saturday against the Atlanta Braves. He can still hit! Make the deal!

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