Should the New York Yankees Trade Mariano Rivera?

By David Fouty
Mariano Rivera New York Yankees
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It’s probably hard for New York Yankees‘ fans to hear, but the team might be better off if they got what they could for Mariano Rivera before he retires.

This Yankees team, currently comprised, has many of the pieces it takes to win a championship. The problem is, they haven’t been on the field. While they have shown impressive resolve hanging around in the American League East, it’s hard to see them being a factor this postseason. They haven’t been able to play together and it will be difficult for players like Curtis GrandersonMark TexieiraDerek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez to really hit their groove in such a short time span.

Chances are, the Yankees will let Rivera finish his career in pinstripes out of respect, but the Steinbrenner family would do themselves some good if they got what they could for him. They don’t have very many other trade assets right now, and it makes sense to ship him out as a rental. If the alternative option is to have him around so he can finish his career and go out in style on a team who doesn’t make the playoffs, they would be making a selfish decision.

Obviously, Rivera is a Yankee for life and no one would ever think of him as anything otherwise. But before he was a Yankee, he was just a baseball player — and a very good one. Baseball is a business, which the Yankee faithful know very well. They would do themselves a lot of good if they made a business decision and brought in some help for the future.

The market for closers is through the roof right now. There are plenty of contenders who are looking for a closer and they could easily steal a top prospect for a short-term rental of the best closer to ever play the game. If they take the emotions out of it, it makes a lot of sense. Even the Yankees should be sellers sometimes.

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