The Time Is Now For The Colorado Rockies To Make Their Move

By Jim Heath
Nolan Arenado Colorado Rockies
Ron Chenoy – USA TODAY Sports

The time to make a move is now for the Colorado Rockies. For once they have a healthy lineup, they have the benefit of a 10-game homestand to start the second half of the season, and the NL West-leading Arizona Diamondbacks aren’t exactly setting the world on fire.

The problem is that Colorado cannot put together a complete game. When the pitching hits a stretch of effectiveness, the bats go into hibernation. When the Rockies’ sticks come to life, pitching goes on hiatus. And that seems to be yet another theme in a season of extreme peaks and valleys.

Just look at the Rockies’ last eight games, including their Friday night loss to the Chicago Cubs. The Rockies have allowed an average of three runs per game, including five games with two runs or less. That is borderline exceptional for a team not historically known for pitching.

The problem is, that in that same stretch, the Rockies’ bats have struggled to reach a three run average, including four games of one run or less. Yes, I said one run.

The bottom line is, if Colorado plans to make a run in the second half, there is not a better time than right now. Not all NL West teams are going to continue to wallow in mediocrity. Someone will eventually step up and run away with this division. It’s not if but when. And more importantly, who?

The thing is, Colorado could be the “who.” They have shown explosive offense and dominate pitching the entire season; they just haven’t shown both on the same night. Team one aspect with the other and the Rockies return to the contender they were earlier in the season.

But the time is most definitely now, not later.

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