5 Bold Predictions For Pittsburgh Pirates’ Second Half

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5 Bold Second Half Predictions For Pittsburgh Pirates

AJ Burnett
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The second half is officially upon us. Actually, it’s been here for a few weeks, but the All-Star break is over now at least. It’s time to look forward to the trade deadline and eventually postseason action. Teams that are in contention will use the next ten days to try and make trades to make their teams better, while teams that aren’t contending will attempt to make trades to build toward the future.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are going to be buyers for the third consecutive year, and they hope that this season, the moves they make will actually help them. Pirates general manager Neal Huntington has made safe moves the past two seasons in deals with little risk and relatively average upside. This season, I think it is time for Huntington to make a move that proves he is serious about making the postseason and hopefully a World Series appearance.

Predictions are a huge part of sports. People make predictions on everything: MVP awards, playoff predictions, World Series predictions and so on. Today I am going to make my second half predictions for the Pirates. These are five predictions that I think will happen but surely won’t happen. Predictions are mostly fun because it is hilarious to look back on them months later and see how wrong you were. When you are in the business of predicting and projecting forward, it is best not to take yourself too seriously. If you want to see my predictions and criticize them, it is in your best interest to read on.

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Andrew McCutchen Wins MVP

Andrew McCutchen
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Andrew McCutchen has been awesome this season; it just doesn't seem like it because he hit .360 in the first half of last season. He will do what he did in the first half of last season in the second half of this season. The difference will be that since he does it in the second half, it will be fresh in everyone's minds, so he will get more MVP consideration. He will somehow finish with 25 home runs and 40 steals. He's going to go nuts in the next 65 games. Oh, and the Pirates' first playoff appearance since 1992 will help his cause.

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Nate Schierholtz Is Pirates' 'Big' Offensive Acquisition

Nate Schierholtz
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The Pirates never seem to make big splashes in free agency or through trades. I don't expect anything different in the next ten days leading up to the trade deadline. All the signs seem to be pointing towards a platoon partner for Jose Tabata in right field and a bench bat. Nate Schierholtz fits that, and he shouldn't cost much in terms of prospects.

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Jeff Locke Regresses, But Not As Much As People Think

Jeff Locke
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Jeff Locke is not going to finish the season with an ERA of 2.15, I guarantee that. However, he won't finish with an ERA any higher than 3.00 like most people think. I get the sense that when people talk about regression with Locke, they think he will be an awful starter the rest of the way. I bet his ERA finishes around 2.75 and he continues to win games for the Pirates.

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Pirates Acquire A Solid Starting Pitcher

Charlie Morton
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I think the Pirates will put a lot more effort into acquiring a pitcher than a bat, even though the offense has been terrible. Someone like Bud Norris wouldn't surprise me, although I'm not sure he is a significant upgrade over any particular pitcher in the Pirates' current rotation. He would be a nice addition, however, mainly because of his years of control and the depth he would add.

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Neal Huntington, Frank Coonelly
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Well, well, well, the Pirates in the playoffs. I don't know what that's like; I was born in 1993. It will be a fun thing to see, that's for sure. Considering the Pirates have close to a 10 game lead on the Wild Card, it's not necessarily a bold thing to predict. However, it's the Pirates; the Pirates being in the playoffs doesn't even make sense to me for obvious reasons.