Alex Rodriguez Is Hurt Again; Alleged Cheater Should Just Retire Already

By Andrew Fisher
Alex Rodriguez
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In the shocker of the day, Alex Rodriguez is hurt and won’t be joining the New York Yankees as once thought last week. Who didn’t see this coming? A-Rod is old and he flat out can’t stay healthy anymore. He’s yet to step on a MLB diamond in 2013 and he’s missed significant time in three of the last four seasons. Given those facts and his age, alone, A-Rod should be thinking about hanging it up for good. But with MLB breathing down his neck with a PED investigation, the time is most definitely now for Rodriguez to walk away from the game.

Like a lot of fans, I haven’t been a fan of this guy since his days with the Seattle Mariners. Once he signed on to become the six-billion dollar man, he just became an easy target for negativity. A-Rod has been baseball’s ultimate heel for a long time now – well before there was any PED speculation.

Once Rodriguez was linked to PED use, the hate being directed his way was taken to a whole new level. It died down eventually and he even won a World Series to shove it in everyone’s face, but now with the latest allegations, things look worse than ever for A-Rod.

That’s why I believe it would be in his best interest to retire now before everything blows up in his face. Sure, maybe I’m wrong and he’s been clean this whole time, but I just highly doubt it’s a coincidence that he’s been linked to PEDs twice, and that he’s done nothing wrong. A-Rod doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt at this point.

If he walks away now, people will start to forget. If this latest scandal does fizzle out it’s even possible his perception could change over time…

Clearly, the only real way to prove people like me wrong is for him to come back and do it on the field. That’s what Rodriguez has been attempting to do all season, but just when it looked like he’d made it back, a strained quad derailed his hopes again. In theory he could come back and improve his stock, but it’s just not realistic. He’s 37 and not getting any healthier, so these failed returns will continue to happen.

Retire now, A-Rod. Walk away before MLB banishes you, or you further diminish your once great legacy.


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