Detroit Tigers Out For Revenge Against Chicago White Sox' Chris Sale

By David Fouty
Max Scherzer Detroit Tigers
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The last time the Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox played one another, Chris Sale threw at Prince Fielder‘s head, Luke Putkonen threw at Alexei Ramirez‘s backside, the benches cleared and Jim Leyland was tossed after an epic tirade.

This time, Sale will get another shot at the Tigers, and the White Sox will have to deal with the Tigers’ top pitcher, Max Scherzer. The two teams already don’t like each other, and the latest episode between them could make this four-game series especially intense.

The White Sox took two of three games against the Tigers in the series just two weeks ago, so the memories of beanballs and classless tomfoolery should still be fresh in the memories of the involved parties. There is a good chance there will be more to follow as these two teams still have 16 games to play against one another.

The White Sox may have been better off if they had tried to go quietly the last time they were in Detroit. They don’t want to wake a sleeping giant. Sure, the Tigers’ players will say it’s just another game and they have to treat it like every other, but there is no doubt they will be looking for a little revenge after being disrespected on their home turf. I highly doubt they’ll need any extra motivation for this one.

The incident started after Miguel Cabrera hit a home run off Sale. Sale appeared frustrated, firing the rosin bag into the mound and muttering choice language under his breath. After having very few issues with control, he managed to let one “get away from him” right around the vicinity of Fielder’s forehead.

Putkonen promptly hurled one past Ramirez, which also apparently “got away from him” as well. Neither team will take having a baseball thrown at them lightly after the history these squads have. Even if it happens “unintentionally.” Should someone else end up paying the price, it could get ugly.

The Tigers will follow Monday’s game with Rick PorcelloAnibal Sanchez and Justin Verlander to close out the series. The White Sox will counter with Hector SantiagoJohn Danks and Jake Peavy.

If you’re a fan of pitcher duels or mixed martial arts, you may want to tune into this one. It could have either, or likely both.

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