Dexter Fowler is Vitally Important to the Success of Colorado Rockies

By David Miller
Dexter Fowler
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Though Dexter Fowler might not be considered the best table-setter in Major League Baseball, he is certainly vitally important to the offensive production of the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies offensive production is vitally important to their winning games and climbing back into the various races for the post season. So, it can be clearly said that Fowler is a key ingredient to the Rockies chances to play well into October.

Lately the Rockies have had some problems scoring runs. Who knew why the big boppers weren’t crushing the baseball as usual? It just happens sometimes that big hitting teams go into power slumps. Isn’t it interesting then that when Fowler began to return to form, the big guys in the Rockies line-up began driving in more runs. Fowler is key to this team.

Earlier in the season, around April, Fowler was on fire and where were the Rockies? They were in first place. Does a hot hitting Fowler guarantee a first place spot for the Rockies? No, it does not. The National League West has changed a bit and it will be difficult for any team to take that division. You could probably say that without a hot hitting, or at least warm hitting Fowler, the Rockies chances go drastically downward.

Watch Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez because they are the key factors to the offensive machine that is the Rockies. No great machine can run without the smaller components that help it work however. Fowler is that kind of player. Compare the Rockies final record to the performance of Fowler over the last few months of the season. I would bet the two coincide quite easily.

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