Drew Smyly Keeps Detroit Tigers Smiling

By Brent Smith
Kim Klement- USA TODAY Sports

To say Drew Smyly has been dominant recently would be as much of an understatement as saying Miguel Cabrera is decent at swinging a bat. Drew Smyly has brought a lot of smiles to Detroit Tigers fans faces over the last few months and in particular his last 11 appearances. It has been an amazing stretch of 11 games for Drew posting a 1-0 record in 11 1-3 innings, 14 strikeouts and the most amazing number a 0.00 ERA. That’s right a 0.00 ERA, zero, or in other words the same number as the amount of friends I have. Smyly has done it all season long posting numbers that I and many others believed were All-Star worthy, and he has just continued to amaze into the second half.

The moment I knew Drew Smyly was going to be a special pitcher was when he went to Yankee Stadium to face the New York Yankees in his very first start last season — keep in mind this was back when the entire New York Yankees team wasn’t in a hospital. Drew was stunning posting a shutout which was the first time that season the Yankees had been shutout. It was something about the Yankees that brought out some special Smyly moments because later that year in the ALCS when Jose Valverde had seemingly ripped the hearts out of Tigers fans in Game 1, Drew came in and no one would have blamed him for allowing the winning run as the Tigers were completely sunken. Yet Smyly held the score for two innings until the Tigers could regain themselves and somehow the Tigers won and went on to a sweep.

Drew Smyly is and will be a giant piece to the Detroit Tigers. He is a name that everyone is going to want to learn because he is only going to improve from where he is currently. For all the problems the bullpen has had I think some attention and appreciation should be given to this young stud.

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