Arizona Diamondbacks Should Keep Randall Delgado in Starting Rotation

By David Miller
Randall Delgado
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like a long time ago now that Randall Delgado debuted with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He lost the fifth starter job out of Spring Training to Patrick Corbin, which even he would have to admit looks like a pretty good choice. Still, when he got the chance to pitch in an MLB game for the DBacks, Delgado has shown what he can do. Now with Brandon McCarthy returning soon from the disabled list, Delgado might be the one that gets sent to the bullpen or elsewhere. They shouldn’t send him anywhere.

One of the hot key words for starting pitchers right now is ‘Quality Starts’. Delgado has been doing a good job at that since his promotion. For the most part he has kept the opposing team at three runs or below and given the DBacks a good to great chance of winning. On Sunday he moved up more to a stopper type roll where he shutout the San Francisco Giants into the sixth inning. The Diamondbacks need wins and the chance to get more wins right now more than they need anything else. Delgado gives them a chance to win more than some of the regulars that have been in the rotation for most of the season.

For me that should be the end of the decision making right there. They aren’t exactly talking about sending someone straight to the minor leagues, possibly just to the ‘pen to help out down there. It seems clear that Delgado has developed into a solid starter that will help the DBacks win games more there than anywhere else. Honestly, if they don’t want to start him they would be best served to try and trade him for a top reliever somewhere by adding in a prospect. If it were me he would have already heard the news that he was a permanent starter.

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