Detroit Tigers' Max Scherzer, Chicago White Sox' Chris Sale Square Off In Clash of the Titans

By Brent Smith
Anthony Gruppuso- USA TODAY Sports

Max Scherzer started the All-Star Game even though some argued that Chris Sale should have. Jim Leyland obviously thought these two pitchers were the two best in the American League pitching both before anyone else and the two who are the very best the American League can offer will square off in a huge showdown tonight in the first of a four-game series between the Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox.

What can you say about these two pitchers? Amazing fastballs, devastating off-speed pitches and ERA’s that are lower than my bank account (surprisingly). You always feel good if one of these pitchers is on the mound for your team and you know that all it may take to win is just one or two runs. Tonight is going to see some of the highest caliber of pitching you can witness in today’s game and you know both pitchers are well aware of the mini rivalry they have developed within the rivalry the Tigers and White Sox have seemed to have develope over the years.

So strap in and prepare for a matchup that is bound to be electric. While the runs may be low, excitement will be at an extreme high because it is not often you get to see the two best pitchers in the American League square off against each other. It will be a big test for the Tigers who always seem to score their most runs off pitchers they shouldn’t and struggle against some of the worst pitchers in the league. You could see the Tigers exploding out of nowhere on offense or struggling to even get a hit. It will be unpredictable, it will be exciting and it will be fun.

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