Miguel Cabrera's Side Injury Could Take Heart Out Of Detroit Tigers

By Brent Smith
David Banks- USA TODAY Sports

Miguel Cabrera just didn’t look right as he was rounding the bases in the fifth inning.

When he crossed the plate without giving his usual clap and smile, Detroit Tigers fans knew something was wrong. Cabrera sat in the dugout with a pained face, but told Jim Leyland and head trainer Kevin Rand that he was okay; however, any relief that the team had dodged a bullet was short lived.

Cabrera went back onto the field for the bottom of the inning , and had to come out of the game with an apparent side injury. Miggy doesn’t leave games or show pain often, so this is obviously something the team should be very concerned about. Side injuries can land players on the DL or affect their swings, as that part of the body is very important to hitters.

Without Miguel, there is no doubt the Tigers offense will be diminished greatly because he is the heart and soul of this team.

Fans have to hope that this injury will pass soon and Cabrera will be able to come back in tomorrow’s game. Tigers fans have been truly blessed that Cabrera has stayed as healthy as he has over the years, because any injury would be crushing to an offense that already struggles even with the Triple Crown winner in the lineup.

Hopefully it won’t be long until Cabrera has that smile back on his face; but until he does, no Tigers fan will have one on theirs.

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