Minnesota Twins Doing Good Job Turning Around Terrible July

By David Miller
Justin Morneau
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Other than the fact that Joe Mauer is one of the better offensive catchers as well as leaders in the last couple of decades, not much is clear about the Minnesota Twins. They play their cards very close on all types of trade talks and as of yet do not seem to really be interested in pushing for a deal. Nothing really seems to be drastically different in one area or another and yet the Twins horrible month of July has started to turn around of late.

When I say horrible, I mean it. Their record going into Monday in the month of July was 5 – 12 and that includes the recent 2 – 1 series win against the Cleveland Indians. They have played better for whatever reason in the recent days since the All-Star Break. Who really can say why something that that happens to the Twins? It might be the ever-present leadership of Mauer or it could just be a fluke thing that will end as soon as the next series or two gets going good.

It really doesn’t matter at the moment what the issue is. I think they are possibly pitching better and just happen to be getting the right winning combination a few games in a row. Hopefully, with all of the trade talk around MLB right now, a few days can pass where we can talk about the Twins playing better baseball as well. Who knows, maybe Justin Morneau will stay in Minnesota after all for a lot less money and the Twins will build their team for success next year. It could happen.

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