After Ryan Braun Makes Right, He Deserves Second Chance

By Andrew Fisher
Ryan Braun
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Braun just flat out looks terrible right now. After vehemently denying any PED use just 16 months ago, it all blew up in Braun’s face on Monday. MLB suspended him for the rest of the year, which frankly, seems like a very fair deal considering what we about this case so far. It’s now going to be an extremely difficult journey back to respectability for Braun and in the eyes of some, he’ll never get there.

As with most of these PED cases, the lying almost angers you more than the cheating. People cheat in life all the time everyday, but lying on top of it just makes it so much worse. I can only imagine how the ‘slugger’ has felt over the past year, knowing that many notable people stood up in his defense, and it was all a big fat lie. At least I hope Braun feels bad, like he said he did in his statement.

So with the firestorm of criticism sure to come his way when he returns to baseball in 2014, what’s next for Ryan Braun? Is he going to be a villain for the rest of his career, or will we forgive him because he admitted that he made some mistakes?

I actually believe Braun could be okay down the road. It certainly won’t be anytime soon, because it’s going to take awhile for the smoke to clear, but fans typically end up forgiving guys that admit their mistakes and move on. If Braun can come back and still play well, it could be a great thing for baseball. That’s the best case scenario.

There’s nothing wrong with giving Braun a second chance, but I also believe that he personally better reaching out to numerous people to apologize, or maybe even perhaps to write them a check. Braun sunk extremely low to live his lie and he must pay for that. But once he makes right, he should get one more chance.

Braun is going to do his time now and he’ll get to think long and hard about what he’s done. If he’s truly a respectable man down deep, he’ll come back from this. It just might take awhile…


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