Boston Red Sox Get Absolute Bargain With Dustin Pedroia Extension

By Shaun P Kernahan
Dustin Pedroia
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox‘ second base position will belong to Dustin Pedroia through the 2021 season. Reports suggest that the new deal between the team and their star will be worth $100 million over the seven seasons following the conclusion of next season, when the extension will kick in.

When reports first surfaced that the Red Sox and Pedroia were working toward a long-term deal given, he was still under contract through 2014; but, it actually makes sense to make the deal now.

Why? Well, New York Yankees Robinson Cano, the guy who Pedroia is always battling with to be the best second baseman in baseball, is a free agent this coming offseason. It is believed Cano will get a long-term deal worth around $20 million each year, setting the bar for top-tier second basemen.

The seven-year deal worth an average of $14.3 million a year now looks like an absolute bargain for the Red Sox. Pedroia will spend the majority of the contract’s final year at the age of 37, but given the overall value of the contract, the Red Sox will have no problem paying him the $14 million even if he is a shell of his former self.

Pedroia has spoken about the contract and stated that the potential of leaving money on the table to sign with the Red Sox now never even crossed his mind. He pointed out that the Red Sox were the team to take a chance on him when so many other teams did not even consider him due to his size, and he wants to continue to prove the Sox right for taking the chance.

This contract just might ensure Pedroia is one of those rare guys these days who actually manages to spend his entire career with a single organization. One day (sorry Kevin Millar), the no. 15 just might be join other great Red Sox numbers in the ring of honor thanks to the great career of Dustin Pedroia.

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