How The Ryan Braun Suspension Hurts Boston Red Sox

By Shaun P Kernahan
Ryan Braun
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

With the news of the Ryan Braun suspension sending the baseball world into a frenzy on Monday, there are thousands of articles out there expressing their disgust for Braun.

He did sully the name of an innocent sample collector for the sake of trying to keep his name innocent despite blatant guilt and has become the Lance Armstrong of baseball, but there are so many more stories beyond that. There will be more suspensions coming, and it will have an affect on the way teams will handle the week and a half leading into the trade deadline.

This suspension sets a precedent and will make GMs of teams with players on the Biogenesis list look for possible replacements for fear of losing their players during the pennant race. How does this hurt the Boston Red Sox, a team with no player being reported as being on the list?

Simple, it pushes several teams to look to make deals for positions at which the Red Sox are looking to improve.

A report from Dr. James Andrews saying Clay Buchholz has no structural damage and the surprisingly dominant back-to-back performances from Brandon Workman may lessen the urgency for the Red Sox to go after a starting pitcher, and it also puts them into a spot to go after a lower tier starter.

A lower tier starter is the type of starter the Oakland Athletics can afford, and with Bartolo Colon on the list, the A’s just might be in the market for a starter, which will drive the price up for the Red Sox.

The San Diego Padres and Detroit Tigers may be in the market for infield help with Evereth Cabrera and Jhonny Peralta on the list. While both are shortstops and the Red Sox would be looking for third base help, it may also drive the price up for a guy that can play several positions like Michael Young.

An under-the-radar need for the Red Sox just might be at catcher. Over the past 28 games, Jarrod Saltalamacchia has a higher OBP than slugging percentage, and Ryan Lavarnway hasn’t been able to establish himself as an starting-caliber catcher. Padres catcher Yasmani Grandal is a guy who could potentially face suspension, making it unlikely for the Red Sox to be the only team in the market for catching help.

Only time will tell how many players end up being suspended and how that will inflate prices in the trade market, but make no mistake, Braun being suspended has forced GMs across baseball to take another look at the way they will approach the trade deadline.

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