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Jesus Guzman Needs To Be Swinging Meaner Bat For San Diego Padres

Christopher Hanewinckel – USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Padres first baseman Jesus Guzman entered the game against the Milwaukee Brewers on Monday with only two hits in his last 19 at-bats. He was due for a big day at the plate.

Fortunately, he had one and was able to spark the Padres over the Brewers, 5-3. He homered in the second inning and put San Diego ahead with a two-run double in the sixth inning.

Now, if the Padres could have Guzman, or someone else on the team, do this more often, they wouldn’t be sitting with a record of 44-56. The combined batting average of the players in San Diego’s Monday night lineup is .245. That’s obviously way too low. Guzman and his teammates would like to get the team batting average above .250, which could make a major difference in upcoming games.

Guzman would eventually like to recapture his batting days from 2011, when he played 76 games and batted .312 with five home runs and 44 RBIs. Last season, he struggled in 120 games, hitting .247 with nine home runs and 48 RBIs. He’s only had six home runs this season, but his 23 RBIs is a major concern for the Padres. That’s way too low at this time of the year for an everyday hitter.

Guzman doesn’t have to hit like he did Monday every night, although the Padres would appreciate it. They would simply like to see him more consistent at the plate and avoid 2-for-19 slumps. He recently had a stretch of five straight games without a hit; that’s something else that he needs to keep avoiding.

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